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Simple and affordable web design in Newbury, Berkshire, Hampshire and beyond

Having a good website is a must for any business. It shows that you are professional and lets your customers find out more about you. But the high prices some companies charge for building a flashy website can be too much for you to consider. Many small businesses simply don’t have the budget or even need an over-complicated website.

I offer a no-nonsense approach. A simple but attractive website that is well optimized for mobile usage. I will include social media integration and all the relevant information for your customers. Your content can also be finessed, ensuring your website reads well and appeals to potential customers from a marketing point of view.

I can also add a blog page to your website for you to update and keep people informed about your business. This is a great way to build credibility and have your business found on search engines. If you find that you’re too busy to keep an active blog then I will be happy to write content on your behalf.

What about these DIY website builders?

Sure, anyone could build a website. But when you are busy trying to run a business, finding the time can be very impractical and then there’s the structuring of your website. Knowing how to implement SEO and install the correct apps etc can be a difficult task.

Trying to write great content that could potentially bring you new customers can also be very challenging. You may be left wanting to throw your computer out the window! I will help you with this and ensure your website reads well and laptop stays intact. 😃

If you’re looking for web design in Newbury or further afield please feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Simple and affordable websites.