Rotund Rapist

Squidgy, muddy, puddles spatter Jon’s calves as he jogs away his Sunday hangover. The perfect cure for one too many bottles of wine. He often tells himself he’ll cut down, but once Friday comes around – it’s back to square one. Beautiful sky Jon thinks – looking up – taking a deep breath of the …

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This site has been great for a bit of doodling and getting creative, but it’s now time for the hard work to start as I  begin my degree tomorrow. I will update when I can, and keep the stories going! Andrew 10.9.19

Midnight Stroll

A large wine glass smashes into a perpetual scattering of shards and minuscule pieces as it slips from the tray. The entire restaurant looks up, goes silent. Anna’s face turns a shade of pink as she runs to grab a dustpan; ‘butter-fingers’ announces Amy – her bubbly, garrulous colleague. Anna fakes a smile. She’s been …

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