Zeb & Dewey’s Christmas Cracker (6) (Dewey Narrates)

Is Christmas the same in flip flops? This was just one of the many questions I mused during that bumpy flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap. I day-dreamed: longing for crunchy, snowy walks through pure white fields; warm, woolly jumpers, Santa hats, crackling orange fires, – roasting chestnuts. I really missed it. Things were different …

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Rotund rapist

Squidgy, muddy, puddles spatter Jon’s calves as he jogs away his Sunday hangover; the perfect cure for one too many bottles of wine. He often tells himself he’ll cut down, but once Friday comes around – it’s back to square one again. Beautiful sky Jon thinks – looking up, taking a deep breath of the …

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This site has been great for a bit of doodling and getting creative, but it’s now time for the hard work to start as I  begin my degree tomorrow. I will update when I can, and keep the stories going! Andrew 10.9.19

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